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Play 1.b3: The Nimzo-Larsen Attack: a Friend for Life

The popularity of the Nimzo-Larsen Attack is largely based on its surprise value, but in fact 1.b3 is one of White?s more logical first moves, since by immediately developing his queen?s bishop, White aims at undermining the black centre. Odessky, an International Master from Russia, a well-known chess coach and an outstanding chess writer, will amuse and surprise you, but also teach you all the ins and outs of this offbeat system, which has been used by top players like Bobby Fischer and Bent Larsen. A good choice for players who want to avoid the many theoretical landmines of mainline openings and prefer to steer towards an open battle, right from the start.

Play 1.b3: The Nimzo-Larsen Attack: a Friend for Life

Nimzo-Larsen Attack

The Nimzo-Larsen Attack (1 b3) enables White to take his opponent out of his stride from the very first move. By avoiding the theoretical landmines of openings such as the Sicilian and King's Indian Defences, White is able to steer the game towards a pure battle of chess skill, rather than a test of memory. Furthermore, as the games of exponents such as Grandmaster Julian Hodgson have shown, the Nimzo-Larsen Attack often provokes an overreaction by Black, causing him to overextend his position and thereby leave himself open to an early knockout blow.This guide explains the basic elements, strategies and tactics for both sides. It provides everything you need to start playing the Nimzo-Larsen Attack straightaway and is an ideal battle manual for competitive players. (6 1/4 x 9 1/4, 192 pages, b&w diagrams)

Nimzo-Larsen Attack (Everyman Chess)